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Termites in Merida Pest Control!!!

The termites are annoying underground insects that destroy our things, they usually destroy door frames in less than 7 months but they also end up with our furniture, important documents such as invoices, writings including cash, they also consume all these elements. we find them at home in any room

As you have already heard or if you have not, termites can destroy your things in a relatively short interval. These insects feed on cellulose contained in wood, paper,

cardboard and cloth

In Sanidec we have methods of termite control for the pre-construction of the house or in the post construction, the control of pests is to create a chemical barrier against termites by drilling in the perimeter of the house to inject the product with pressure, generally products without odor or color are used and do not generate gas or vapor afterwards in order to have a protected space without risks to health.

It is very easy to determine if the problem you are having at home is about termites, beetles or ants, call us for a verification at no cost.

An advice:

When you have a "termite shoot" (the real name is gallery) do not apply spray insecticides or any other solvent for any reason since you could move the problem without noticing, better call us!

Termite signs:

  1.  Door frames "decayed" or that look like wood paper.

  2.  "Brown roads" in the closets

  3.  Earth under the cardboard boxes of a closet or cellar

  4.  Gaps in the wood

We also have termite monitoring methods for the gardens and exteriors of the house as well as for the prevention of the installation of palapas or wooden structures.

Call us!!!. #Termitas

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