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Pest Control in Merida Yucatan

Professionals in pest control, disinfection services, pest control services, weed control, termite control, subterranean termite control.

  1. Fumigation against cockroaches in Merida

  2. Fumigation against mice in Merida

  3. Fumigation against subterranean termites in Merida

  4. Fumigation against mosquitoes in Merida

  5. Fumigation against ants in Merida

  6. Pest control in general

  7. Fumigation against ticks in Merida

  8. Flea fumigation in Merida

  9. Sanidec Mexico is a fumigation and pest control company.

Sanidec Mexico markets the most prestigious brands of insecticides, larvicides, rodenticides, growth regulators, natural fertilizers, organic fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, urban disinfectants, hospital grade disinfectants, agricultural disinfectants.

Sanidec Mexico also sells products and equipment for pest control, such as sprinklers, foggers, thermal foggers, electric sprinklers, stretchers, bellows dusters, microinjectors, insecticide sprays.

Call us free +52 9999497583

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